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Find Your VoiceFind Your VoiceFind Your Voice


My Name is Sheri Saginor.  I'm a speechwriter, public speaking coach, and audiobook narrator. I've been using my voice in various settings my entire life--as a musician, public speaker, voiceover artist, and instructor. 

Now I help others express their unique voice. Let me help you express yours.




Do you need a speech? I help people craft public remarks that inform, persuade, and inspire live audiences. I'll help you articulate your thoughts in a way that’s clear, engaging, and impactful.

  • Conference Speeches
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Business Club Talks
  • Ted-style Talks
  • Talking Points
  • Commencement Speeches
  • Banquet Speeches
  • Ceremonial remarks (Introductions, Thanks, Tributes) 

Click here to learn more about my speechwriting services. 


Speech Delivery Coaching

Do you want to hone your public speaking skills? I'll help you deliver that keynote, talk, or toast in a way that wows your audiences--every time.

  • Develop delivery techniques for voice, movement, and gesture that engage audiences.
  • Practice delivering a wide variety of public remarks. 
  • Get a unique perspective from a veteran speechwriter and public speaking coach

Click here for more information on my public speaking coaching services. 


Audiobook Narration and Production

Did you just finish the next great American novel but need someone to transform it into an audiobook? Let me help you bring your work to life.  I'll take the time to truly understand your book. I'll bring a warmth and empathy to the narration that will keep your audience listening page after page. 

Click here for more information on my narration services.

Click here for samples of my narration work.


Watch this video of my conversation with renowned communications consultant Kit Pang on how to write unforgettable public remarks.

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(978) 478-8296