Public Speaking Coaching

Get Great Results In As Little As One Session

Want to level up your communications skills? Do you prefer a one-to-one setting with a trusted coach?  Let's work together.

I've been using my voice in various settings my entire life--as a musician, public speaker, voiceover artist, and instructor. As my coachiing client, you'll find your unique voice and learn how to use it to inform and inspire audiences. You'll improve as a speaker because you'll sound more authentic than ever before. It's that authenticity--not a perfect performance--that your audiences will respond to and love.

I offer targeted sessions to address your specific needs, including:

  • Speech Delivery Coaching
  • TED Talk Preparation
  • Extemporaneous Speaking Techniques
  • Informal Talks Coaching
  • Elevator Pitch Delivery 
  • Job Interview Practice
  • Media Training

Each program is custom-designed to meet your unique requirements. I can't turn you into Cicero overnight, but I guarantee you'll see remarkable improvement and--most important--you'll feel significantly more confident in front of your audience.

Contact me today to learn more!